Location: Alaska

A lot of people know Alaska as a very cold state and they have a point since the average temperature is -1 degree Fahrenheit in Fairbanks. In fact, the coldest temperature ever recorded there was at -80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a lot of oil in the state as Alaska produces 25% of the oil in the United States. The state actually cares about the bears living in the state as it is known to have lots of polar bears. Believe it or not, there is a law that prohibits waking up bears just to take pictures of them. It is possible they will get really mad when you wake them up which would result in a seizure. Some of the things to do in Alaska are hiking at Denali and Glacier Bay National Park & Reserve.

One of the vaping regulations states that nobody under 19 years old may purchase any form of vaping products. Hence, those who are in their teens to mid 2os may need to present the ID to prove that they are 19 years old or older. Previously, there was a bill that bans minors from buying nicotine products. Now, there are new Alaska vape laws that prohibit vaping products being sold to anybody under the age of 19. An organization tried to contest the vaping laws by state as they thought vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. However, the state has proven that it is far from being safe since it produces compounds in the body that can lead to cancer. Yes, it is hard to argue vaping laws especially when the Alaska Senate voted 18-0 in favor of the newly proposed law. Of course, you can expect most of the Senate members didn’t have to think twice before making their vote especially since they also have their own kids. It is definitely for the benefit of the young generation. Also, there are indoor vape bans in cities like Palmer, Juneau and Dillingham.

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