Location: California

Cali, a short form of California is a US State situated in the Pacific region and has the largest population in the whole of the US. The major cities in California include Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. California is one of the internationally renowned states in the US and this has been contributed by various factors. One of these factors is its huge economy, which is the largest among the US States and larger than that of UK and France. During 1960’s California was known for its hippie counterculture and this cultural trend has persisted even up to date. Cali has also established itself as a trendsetter in technology and it is regarded as the home of the first personal computer.

Cali Vape Laws

California has adopted very strict laws on vaping activities. These regulations classified vaping under the same category as that of tobacco smoking. This implies that the laws which regulated the use of tobacco products are now applicable to vaping. The use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in most public places and workplaces. The public places covered under the law also include restaurants and other recreational areas. These regulations have also empowered the communities to set their own local vaping laws. These communities have now the liberty to create stricter laws on vaping in public places such as bus stops and other outdoor areas. California has also raised the vaping age from 18 years to 21 years. According to the Californian authorities, these vaping laws will raise the public morality and protect the public.

The new vaping regulations passed by the California Senate have not only affected those who love vaping but also the operators of the vaping shops and associated industries. The raising of the minimum vaping age to 21 years forced some of the vaping shops to dismiss the employees who had not attained this age. The location bans translated to lesser vaping activities within this state meaning that these vaping shops would gain lesser profits. Worse still there is a pending tax bill which if affected will see vaping industries pay more taxes than they are currently doing.

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Vapor Bar
4051 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California 90020
Vape Day
West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
3714 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90065
Vapor Delight
8474 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California 90048
The Vapor Spot
2378 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064
Vapor Bar
4051 W. 3rd Street, Alabama 90020
Vape Day
6095 Pico Blvd., United State 90035
Kalari Vapor
2641 S. Hill Street, United State 90007

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