Location: Kansas

Kansas has lots of nicknames such as, the Sunflower State (because of the vast number of sunflowers that are found in the plains), the Central State (because it’s the most centrally located state in the USA), the Wheat State (because it’s the largest wheat producing state in US) and the Midway State. This indredible state was actually named after Kansa, a Native American tribe who lived in the region before the European explorer, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, arrived in the year 1541. The Kansa tribe were known as ‘Kansas’ and that became the name of the state. Kansas has lots of interesting sites and attractions for Kansas tourism, for instance, the tallest waterslide on the planet is at Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Kansas city. The 168 ft tall waterslide is known as the ‘Verrückt’ and is taller than Niagara Falls. There’s also the Big Well in Greensburg which is the world’s largest hand dug well. This hand dug engineering wonder was named a National Museum in 1972, and millions of tourists come to see it every year.

Other popular Kansas attractions include; the Subterra Castle (an underground missile launching complex which was transformed into a residence); the largest Easel in the world, (an 8 foot stand which displays a 32 x 24 ft replica of Van Gogh’s Sunflower painting); and the grassroots sculpture garden known as the ‘Garden of Eden’ that showcases religious and political themed works.

Kansas Vaping Laws
Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigs, have rapidly gained popularity as an alternative to the traditional tobacco based cigarettes. This rapid increase in popularity has led to many states coming up with various vaping laws and regulations. If you’re a user of e-cigs or vapes, knowing the current vaping laws, vaping bans and vaping regulations will help you know what is allowed in your state and what isn’t. That said, lets take a look at Kansas vaping laws;

Well, Kansas doesn’t have a statewide vaping ban, however, vaping is generally prohibited to anyone under the age of 18 years. It’s also prohibited on all of the department of corrections grounds, by both inmates and staff. Other indoor enclosures such as gambling facilities, bars and restaurants are exempt from the state’s vaping ban. To be clear, the Kansas vaping law defines a vape as any battery powered device, whether shaped like a cigarette or not, which can provide the user with inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering vaporized solution via cartridges or any other chemical delivery system.

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