Location: Oregon

Oregon is a coastal state in the U.S located in the Pacific Northwest. It is known for its’ diverse landscape that includes forests, beaches, mountains and farms. It’s also one of the most geographically diverse states in U.S and is marked by volcanoes, lots of water bodies, dense evergreen forests, and also high deserts and shrub lands. In terms of Oregon tourism, there’s is a national park in the state known as Crater Lake National Park which attracts lots of tourists every year. It comprises of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in U.S at 1949 feet. This incredible state also hosts the single largest living organism on the planet, Armillaria ostoyae, (which is a fungus which runs beneath 2,100 acres of Malheur National Forest).

The Oregon coastline has 9 lighthouses including the Heceta head lighthouse, which is the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S. In Oregon, you will also find the Carousel Museum which has the largest and most extensive collection of carousel horses on the planet. For windsurfers, you will be delighted to learn that the Columbia River gorge (which is considered by many windsurfing enthusiasts as the best place on the planet for windsurfing) is found in Oregon. Here you will also find the deepest river gorge in U.S, i.e Hells Canyon, at 8,000 feet deep.

Some famous celebrities from Oregon include; Matt Groening (creator of Simpsons cartoon series), Dave Kingman (a baseball player), Jane Powell (an actress and a singer), Doc Severinsen (a band leader), Sally Struthers (an actress), Jacoby Ellsbury (a professional baseball player), Tonya Harding (an American figure skater), Philip Knight (the co-founder of Nike shoe company), Kevin Love (a professional basketball player) and Linus Pauling (a Nobel Prize winner).

Oregon Vape Laws
In Oregon, there is a statewide vape ban of e-cigarettes in all public places. The state’s indoor clean air act which was amended in the year 2016, prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in state buildings, state grounds, workplaces, restaurants, childcare facilities, heath care facilities, some universities, in a car with passengers who are under the age of 18 years, and in all indoor public places. That said, it should be noted that the localities within the state are allowed to regulate vaping much more stringently than the state.

The legal purchase age is set at 18 years and the Oregon vape ban applies to, any device which can be utilized to deliver cannabinoids or nicotine in form of vapor to a user inhaling from the device; the state law further bans any component of the aforementioned device or a substance of any kind that is sold for the purpose of getting vaporized by the aforementioned device, (regardless of whether the component or the substance is sold separately or not).

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