Location: South Carolina

South Carolina is a south-eastern U.S state that is known for its’ shoreline of marsh like sea islands, beautiful lush gardens, subtropical beaches, historical sites, European and African cultures, and vast plantations. It is the leading peach producer east of the Mississippi River. The state actually grows the highest number of peaches than all other states except California. As such, Johnston is referred to as the world’s Peach Capital. In terms of South Carolina tourism, many tourists flock the state during early spring so as to enjoy the millions of spring blossoms, more so the azaleas. South Carolina beaches are also very popular tourist destinations especially the Myrtle beach and the Grand Strand beach.

The palmetto tree is the state tree of South Carolina, and it was used to erect the walls for a fort located on Sullivan Island. These rubbery trees served as a great defense since the cannon balls actually bounced off them.

Some famous People from South Carolina include; James Brown (a singer), Jesse Jackson (a renown civil rights activist) Joe Frazier (a heavyweight boxer), Kevin Garnett (a professional basketball player), Andrew Jackson (7th President of U.S), Chris Rock (a comedian) and Vana White (a game show host).

South Carolina Vape Laws
Smokefree laws are found in South Carolina’s clean indoor air act of the year 1990. The act prohibits smoking in public school campuses, ambulances, public transportation, health care facilities, and various other public places. The legal purchase age is 18 years and the South Carolina vape laws are applicable to; products, including e-cigarettes, which consists or contain nicotine which can get ingested into one’s body by smoking, chewing, inhaling, absorbing, dissolving or by any other means. The vape law further bans any electronic products or devices that produce vapor which deliver nicotine or related substances to the user inhaling from such a device to simulate smoking.

There is a complete indoor ban in numerous localities within the state. They include;
-Denmark, which bans vaping in all enclosed workplaces, including restaurants and bars.
-Estill, which bans vaping in all indoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants.
-Hartsville, which banned vaping in all the enclosed workplaces, including the bars and restaurants.
-Inman, which banned vaping in all indoor workplaces, including restaurants and all bars.
-West Pelzer, which banned vaping in all the indoor workplaces, including bars and restaurants.
-Yemassee, which banned vaping in the year 2003 in all the enclosed workplaces, including all the bars and restaurants.

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