Location: Texas

It goes without saying that Texas is one of America’s priceless national treasures. This state has some of the best rehabilitation centers you can find anywhere in the country. In addition, Texas is a wonderful place to live in and is one of the places where the local’s hospitality matches the state’s natural, cultural and historical heritage. To this date, all the public lands in Texas are still owned by the state. Therefore, the federal government will have to seek permission from the state before making any modification. During its early years i.e. from 1836 to 1848, the state of Texas was actually an independent country. In 1845, Texas became the only state in the US to be admitted to the Union by treaty. Other states in the country were added by annexation.

According to the Lone Star State’s vaping laws by state, which is available on the Texas Department of State Health website, e-cigarettes are not classified as tobacco products. Additionally, there is no statewide restriction on e-cigarettes sales to minors. The state’s vaping regulation does not detail anything about no vaping signage. Therefore, if it is seen in certain areas, the assumption is that vapers must heed to it. The following vape bans apply to municipalities in Texas. Bonham and Sherman have banned vaping in restaurants and bars but not other workplaces. On the other hand, Tyler has vape bans in all areas where tobacco smoking ban applies, including all privately owned restaurants and bars, and all property owned by the city. Localities that have banned vaping in all workplaces, including restaurants and bars are as follows: Austin, Denton, Desoto, Duncanville, Edinburg, El Paso, Frisco, Harlingen, Lufkin, San Angelo, San Marcos, Seagoville, Socorro, Waco, and Waxahachie. Localities such as Bedford, Boerne, and Weatherford have banned vaping in restaurants but not other enclosed workplaces or bars. Highland Village Texas and Joshua have banned vaping in all enclosed public areas in addition to restaurants, but the law does not state whether or not the ban applies to bars.

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