Location: Virginia

Vaping has become one of the most wide-spread trends among United States teens and young adults. Popularly-considered to be a “safer-alternative to smoking” or a transition away from traditional cigarettes, these electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) have been advertised as a viable substitute. Roughly one-third of deaths in America which were due heart disease came about from second-hand smoke and smoking. These shocking statistics which came about from research published over the past two years has contributed to a view that vaping is a safer way to smoke.

As e-cigarettes and vaping have become more mainstream, researchers and scientists have become skeptical about whether vaping is safer or more harmful than traditional smoking. Compared to the thousands of toxic chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, vape products are much more benign and less caustic than their smoking tobacco counterpart. However, the nicotine present in both vape products and in cigarettes has led to concern and consequently, the enactment of restrictions by states about their buying and selling abilities. Read below to learn about the vaping laws by state for Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington and Wyoming which have similar and stark differences in their vaping regulations and e-cigarette products restrictions.

Virginia is the state “for lovers” and with so much history packed into the historic colony, it is not difficult to fall in love with this state. From great views for sunsets, beaches, rolling hills, and a thriving historic district, Virginia has a lot to offer its residents and tourists. The state is home to the first English settlement in colonial America, Jamestown, along with the two other settlements, Williamsburg and Yorktown creating the Historic Triangle. Virginia is also home to the end of the Revolutionary War. Apart from the bustling historic architecture and preserved buildings which now serve as museums, Virginia also houses the Shenandoah National Park as well as more than 250+ wineries to explore. The state ranks fifth in producing wine which coincides with its colonial roots as a major wine capital of the United States. Another feature is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum which allows tourists access to 60,000 rare aircrafts and historic artifacts to explore.

As one of the most “vaping friendly” states in the country, many e-cigarette smokers applaud Virginia as a safe-haven for vaping. Apart from their wine manufacturing operations, Virginia is also considered a tobacco capital of the US which may give way to the lax vaping policies across the state. There are no statewide bans on vaping or vaping products, although vaping is not allowed near railways or rail systems. E-smokers are also prohibited from vaping within 100 feet of railway platforms. There still remains a lot of uncertainty about whether state law can effectively ban or prohibit local municipalities to cut down on vaping, so this will continue to be an ongoing debate at the local and state level. Local town and city governments are prohibited from instituting harsh regulations on vaping which is preventing further roadblocks for the vaping community. However, for now, loyal vapers and enthusiasts alike will continue to enjoy no statewide bans on vaping in Virginia.

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