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Smoker’s Genie
507 Main Ave. SW, Opelika, Alabama 35055
Valor Vapor Company Profile
1311 Decatur Hwy Fultondale Alabama, 35068
Vapor Head
3500 Pepperell Pkwy, Opelika, Alabama 36801

Our Top Vape Stores for 2019

We think the best online vape store, and the best vape store for shopping for all things vaping related is Direct Vapor. They offer impeccable customer service, a price matching guarantee, 10% off when you setup auto ship. Moreover, Direct Vapor provides Free Shipping with no minimum. Yes, you read that right. That said, the only downside we see, is a 15-day return policy. But with that comes no restocking fee, unlike some other vape stores. Lastly, they have a low price guarantee.

Direct Vapor – Best Online Vape Store 2019


Why Visit Local Shops?

Online vape shops are great if you happen to live out in rural areas without shops nearby. But if you live in one of the larger, metropolitan cities you may be overlooking some good local resources for your vape gear and supplies. We have compiled a list of popular cities and the best vape shops for that area.

Community Support

It is always good to support your community by shopping local vendors and merchants because the money you spend there goes back into the community in other ways to help spread the word about smoke-free alternatives to tobacco. Besides being good for the community it also helps vapers who may be traveling or on vacation find good places to refill their e-liquid or buy replacement coils. In order to figure out the best local vape shops, we had to have a way to rank them, so……

We Went to the Experts

When deciding to make a list of the best local vape shops, we needed to find out how to rate them and what we should use as our deciding factors. What better way to find good places to shop than to ask previous customers. We talked to our customers and asked them about their favorite vape shops and what they liked about them. Their experiences were invaluable. It gave us the criteria we needed to judge a good vape shop.

What they said were the most important things:

  • Product availability (selection)
  • Good customer service (friendly, helpful staff)
  • Knowledgeable experts for questions, concerns
  • Good prices on e-liquid, house brand, and others
  • Consistency ( the same experience every time)

High-quality e-liquid, hardware, and accessories
We took their words to heart and came up with this as our rating system. Using the customer’s own preferences for finding the best local shops. We chose cities that had a high population or were frequently-visited vacation destinations so we could point out good shops to visit when in XYZ city.

Our Criteria

The criteria for ratings were based on selection, friendly staff, quality products, value and overall customer experience . We feel that these are the most important factors in choosing a local store and this is what someone looking for a store to shop at would ask a fellow vaper when requesting a referral.

Spread the Word

We’ve all had at least one bad experience at a vape shop (staff not helpful to new vapers, store was messy, bad customer service, inconsistency in prices) and as seasoned vapers ourselves, we’d like to help new vapers avoid some of those unpleasant situations by pointing out good places to spend their money and get the best prices and service.

One time or another, we have all spent money on e-liquids that turned out to be unappealing, hardware that didn’t work as expected, or was waited on by staff that were less-than-enthusiastic about helping us find what we needed. Those experiences are enough to turn off new vapers and we want to avoid that happening as much as possible. Vaping is a great alternative to smoking and we want new vapers and soon-to-be new vapers to get the best experience when shopping for supplies because we want them to keep vaping.

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